Danzstage has a superb roster of fun and enthusiastic professional dance coaches and instructors.

Each dance teacher has his/her specialty. Furthermore, many are multi-talented and can teach more than one dance. Why not click below and take a look through the profiles and get to know your teachers.

Cedric YinConant L.Diana Sharipova & Cosimo BarraDaria Sereda
Dmitriy ArsiriyGeorgette HengKristina Bespechnova Mac & Vesta
Mike WangPawel KostrzewaRex KwanSergey K.
Sergey & Taiana Gladkikh   
Argentine Tango:   
Ka Mong & Edith   
Jenna Janaki   
Hip Hop/Jazz:   
Irene TsangLorraine LaiZoe Chan 
Aerial Yoga:   
 Katherine Lee   
Michelle Li   


Cedric Yin

Cedric (Yin Xinjie) graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy.


Runner-up for 20th China Ballroom Championship Latin Dance;

Runner-up for 8th Tao Li Cup Latin Performance Dance;

First prize for dance drama “Office Story”at the 21th China Ballroom Championship Performance;

Plays the leading role at China’s first ballroom dance drama “Chang Hen Ge”, produced by Beijing Dance Academy.






Conant L.

One of the CO-Founders of DanzStage Dance Studio and Ballroom Dance Specialist, Conant has over 15 years of experience in ballroom dancing scene. Starting out in competitive sports at the early age of 5, Conant swam competitively for 10 years. While competing in swimming, a twist of fate would change his life forever. At the age of 13 in Vancouver B.C., Canada, Conant was introduced to Ballroom dancing took his first steps in the Waltz and Cha Cha Cha. His passion for dance grew as he became more and more involved with the competitive side of the dancing and eventually quit competitive swimming to dance competitively. Since his early roots in dancesport, he has competed in numerous competitions around locally, nationally, United States, Europe and Asia. Training with some of the top coaches around the world has taken Conant to the podium where he has won or placed in the finals of numerous dance championships around the world. In addition to competition, his talent also landed him a role in the Hollywood block buster “Shall We Dance.”

Presently Conant is an active competitor in the dancesport circuit and coaches social and competitive students. His aspiration is to inspire the next generation of dancers to build a solid foundation of fundamental principals and technique in order to allow them for future personal growth in their future dance careers.

Diana Sharipova & Cosimo Barra
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-28 at 6.52.56 PM

EuroAsian Champions 2019
Uk rising star amateur 3 place
Blackpool rising star amateur 4 place
Blackpool China Amateur 3 place
Blackpool China rising star champion
Top 25 Uk amateur
Top 29 Blackpool amateur
Top 26 international championship royal Albert Hall
Finalist universal championship 2020
2 place Naples Open championship
Top 22 Grand Slam GOC championship amateur
3 place rising star GOC
1 place GOC open
South European champions WDSF
Professional dancer in few Italian famous program

Daria Sereda

latin dance teacher.

From Ukraine, started to dance at 5 years old, dancing for Italy with Manuel Frighetto. Dancing Professional, semifinalist in all major competitions( International Championships, UK championships, Blackpool Dance Festival) 2 times European Finalist.
20 years of experience in dancing.

Living in Hong Kong.

Dmitriy Arsiriy

Started dancing at the age of 6. At age of 21 became Latin, Ballroom and 10 dance champion of Kirgizstan (USSR). Moved to Russia and turned Professional in 1998, in November 1999 came to HK.

For next 2 years joined all major competitions in the world, such as U.K. Open, International Open (UK), Blackpool (UK), Kremlin Cup (Russia), Mannheim Open (Germany), Singapore Open and more.

Been teaching in HK and occasionally in Russia since then, participated in many events as a performer, MC and pro partner in Pro-Am shows and competitions.


Georgette Heng

Georgette has over10 years show dance performance experiences and she is in charge of creating choreographies for wedding dance and couple dance. She is also holding a weekly slimming latin group class in the studio. 

Furthermore, she teaches private Latin dance lessons for absolute beginners and amateurs during her free time.

Kristina Bespechnova

My name is Kristina!I am from Russia and my dance career started since i am 7 years old. Me and partner Joel Lopez achieved to be World Youth Latin Champions (under 18 years) ,and World Under 21 Latin Champions,European Youth Champions and the latest our results is top 12 best amateur latin couples in major competitions like Blackpool Dance Festival,UK and International Championships.I consider myself discipline and organize person ,love to set goals with my students and see their improvement, same as just enjoying and having fun on the lessons.Have a lot of experience teaching salsa, bachata and merengue. Also was working as choreographer for big groups of Kids and Adults on TV Show.

Jenna Janaki

Jenna Janaki has studied Ballet and Indian classical dances as a child and pursued further dance studies in Sydney, Australia. Her belly dancing career started informally in Sydney more than twenty five years ago. Studied belly dancing in Egypt, Turkey and USA. She has been living in Hong Kong since 1998 and has pursued further studies under many Egyptian, European and American master teachers. She is a certified belly dance and fitness instructor. She has done extensive research in the art of Belly dancing and specializes in Modern Egyptian style Raks Sharqi, Egyptian pop and folk dances. She regularly teaches workshops locally and internationally. She is also a professional performer. She has performed for locally and internationally ( Singapore, Bangkok, Taiwan, India, China, Hawaii, Tahiti and Australia) and international TV stations and has been featured in many newspapers and magazines. She has performed for many big corporations, performed for members of Saudi Royalty. She is also a fund raiser and her dance school was awarded Caring Company award from 2010 – 2014. She has choreographed dances for Hong Kong Canto-pop stars Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, Stephanie Chung, Yumiko, Hotcha and Mickey, as well as Mavis Fan from Taiwan. She has also worked as a production assistant to the Michael Jackson “History” tour in Sydney in 1996. She is the only qualified Hula instructor in Hong Kong and is engaged in cultural studies relating to Polynesian dances and culture.

Belly Dance – Comes from Middle East. There are many styles. She teaches the most popular style, Egyptian Raks Sharqi and folk dance.. Nature of the dance is sensuous, sexy and very body conditioning.

Hawaiian Hula Dance – Comes from Islands of Hawaii. She teaches traditional style Kahiko, modern style Auana and mixed style called Hapa Haole. Nature of the dance is telling a story thru beautiful had motions and gestures. Kahiko style is very dynamic and danced to percussive foot work.

Tahitian Dance or Ori Tahiti – Comes from French Polynesia. It has softer style called Aparima, which is story telling thru hand motions. It looks more like Hawaiian hula and most popular is Otea which is fast, dynamic and danced to very rich and vibrant tahitian drums.

Ka Mong & Edith

Kamong & Edith are two of Hong Kong’s most popular, open-minded and innovative young dancers. Since starting tango in 1999, they have studied under some of the world’s leading tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and elsewhere around the world. Their backgrounds in modern dance and classic ballet underpin their classic tango style while inspiring them to extend the possibilities of their dance in new directions. Hosts of Hong Kong’s long-standing milonga, Milonga Nuevo, and its most recent arrival, Corazon Tango, they also teach at Central’s Culture Club. They have performed extensively both live and for television.

Please also visit their website: http://www.letstango.com.hk

Katherine Lee

Katherine took her first yoga class at the age 14. She found meditation could help to find the peace within the self. By the influence of her mother, she obtained her first yoga teacher certificate and became a yoga teacher since 2003. She has been teacher yoga for 13 years and still insists to practice everyday. Yoga has become part of her life and she is still gaining passion for yoga. She was then trained by master Samrat Dasgupta in 2016 to enrich her knowledge in yoga and completed the 200 Hours of yoga teacher training. With a solid foundation of teaching skills and deepened theories, her students gain benefits and are improving fast. She also completed the Aerial yoga teacher training with Doris Li in 2015.

2003 Hatha Yoga Instructor, Australian Training
2010 Dance Instructor Certification, AASFP
2015 Aerial Yoga Teacher Certification, AASFP
2016 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training & CET, Pure Yoga Hong Kong


Lorraine Lai

Hip Hop instructor for Kids

Flashmob choreographer

Mac & Vesta

Mac Ko & Vesta Ko – With 12 years of experience ballroom dance competition and 11 years of teaching ballroom dancing.They are considered one of the leading teachers in Hong Kong and senior teachers in Danzstage.

Having won Japan,Taiwan,Singapore,Malaysia,China,Hong Kong, Amateur Rising Star Champion and the “Professional Standard Ballroom Dance” award in all Hong Kong Closed Competitions.

Mac & Vesta are grateful to all their world champion teachers for their guidance throughout their years of dancing and teaching.

高峰 高麗 (Mac Ko & Vesta Ko) 高峰、高麗兄妹為舞蹈界別的職業標準舞者,歷年來為舞蹈東奔西走,探尋名師,每年花費在舞蹈的金錢不菲,而比賽成績彪炳,是現役職業標準舞冠軍,在行內人所共知、聲譽斐然。為了舞蹈學習不同的輔助訓練;如肌肉訓練、心理訓練。而高麗同時更是認可瑜伽導師。

2010-2015 全港職業冠軍
2010-2015 每年到意大利及英國跟隨世界冠軍及名師訓練並到黑池參加比賽。

Michelle Li

Michelle Li is a nationally recognized celebrity trainer and fitness expert and is a true rising star in the fitness industry. Whether it be a celebrity, athlete, senior or “nine to fiver,” Michelle has a proven track record of getting her clients to perform to their highest level possible by starting with a foundation of knowledge and common sense combined with an articulate easy to understand message that emphasizes fun. Michelle understands that there are many important components to maintaining an optimal training regimen to ensure her clients perform their best. She is truly an expert in the field and can help you reach your goals for optimal fitness all while providing options that accommodate your busy day to day schedule. Michelle’s philosophy includes addressing all five components of fitness: cardiovascular/respiratory function, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility and she will develop a personalized plan for you.
If a fitness expert with well-rounded knowledge is what you seek, contact Michelle. Michelle has twelve certifications including advanced personal training, Zumba, kickboxing, aqua fitness, pre and post-natal training, Pilates, elderly fitness, and aerobic dance. Her passion and ambition in the fitness field has earned her several bodybuilding awards in numerous bodybuilding competitions including year 2012 & 2013 Miss Fitness Physique Champion & 2011 Best Coaching Award, Best Posing Award.
Michelle also concentrates on nutritional issues. She is the co-creator and star of the DVD -10 min extreme burn . Proper nutrition also has a very important role in overall health and fitness so Michelle creates a program that fits each individual’s goals and needs, while keeping it enjoyable so that the change to a healthier lifestyle is a lifetime change.
While Michelle is responsible for the health and fitness of highly profiled celebrities, her passion is to work with regular everyday men and women. With her knowledge of human body and passion for fitness, Michelle is so much more than just a personal trainer she becomes an essential part of their daily lives both mentally and physically. It is this characteristic that what sets her apart from other trainers in Hong Kong.

Mike Wang

Mike studied and graduated at the Shanghai Ballet School in 1988. Later he received a scholarship to study at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1989 and has attained a high certificate in choreography after a year. Mike has traveled intensively for development and performances during his dancing career. One of Mikes career highlights was when he became the soloist dancer in Le Jeune Ballet De France in Paris and Le Companie Jean- Christophe Maillot in tours France from 1990-1993. Later on, joined Hong Kong Ballet Company as a Principal dancer where he continued until 2003. Amongst his many achievements he is also one of the leading professional ballroom latin dance competitors in Hong Kong where he is currently competing since 2000.

Mike is currently a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. He performs regularly in Japan as well as in various venues in HK. In 2003, Mike was featured in ‘HK Dance Hall of Fame’ which is supported by HK Arts Development Council, as one of the outstanding dance artist in HK.

Pawel Kostrzewa

Rex Kwan

Rex is one of the best Latin dancers in Hong Kong. His passion and enthusiasm for dancing drive him to travel around the world to compete in numerous local, national and international competitions. Receiving guidance from renowned coaches, his dancing skills became sophisticated, and this earns him awards as well as performance opportunities.


The 18th Freedom Cup International Dance Sport Championships Open to the World – Professional Asia Rising Star 1st Runner-up
2009 Hong Kong Ballroom & Latin Dance Championship – Champion (HK Professional Latin)
2010 WDCAAL Hong Kong Open Dance Championships – Champion (HK Professional Latin)
2012 Hong Kong Teacher Cup Open Dance Championships – Champion (HK Professional Latin)

Rex is currently a professional performer, international adjudicator and choreographer. He is also a registered instructor of International Dance Teachers’ Association and National Association of Teachers of Dancing.

Sergey & Tatiana Gladkikh

World known ballroom dance couple, licenced professional dancers, dance teachers, and adjudicators of World Dance Consul (WDC). Successful dancing career is 25 years, participating in all major world known dance competitions and dance festivals. Winners and finalists of many dance competitions around the World.

Big experience (more than 10 years) of teaching of sport dance couples at Regional Sport Olympic Dance School,
Novokuznetsk, Russia. Representative International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF).

Big experience of teaching and dancing with Pro-Am students in Hong Kong and around the world. Participating at many Pro-Am competition and Show cases with students in Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Russia, England, and Macao.

Based in Hong Kong.

Sam and Michelleimage1.JPG

Sam and Michelle are one of the best Latin Dance couples in HK. Owing to the passion, they have been traveling around the world for competitions and performances, e.g. Japan, Korea, England, New Zealand, Australia and many others. They are 2008-2012 HK Latin Dance Champion, 2011 Asian Championship Silver medalists, 2009 East Asian Games Bronze medalists and also one and the only one Latin Dance Elite Couple authorized by Hong Kong Government .

After graduated from CUHK, Sam is currently a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. He is also a registered coach of HK Dancesport Association and International Dance Teacher Association.

Sergey K.

Sergey is a talented russian dancesport competitor with over 20 years of dancing expertise under his belt. At the ripe young age of 7 he took his first lessons in a dancesport academy in Moscow. With much success in his competitive career he start teaching at the age of 14. He has since graduated from the Russian State Academy of Physical Education as a dancing specialist

Zoe Chan

Zoe started her Ballet training at the age of 4. She has been dancing for over 15 years. After graduated in City University of Hong Kong, she is now a freelance dancerand teacher and has been working with many famous choreographers in Hong Kong.  She performed well and received the certificate of Advanced 1 of Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Examination (RAD) in 2012. She has good experiences in teaching kids and adults for Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance and Hip-Hop classes.

Zoe has strong passion in contemporary, Jazz, modern dance as well as choreography. She was being selected as a participant of one of the famous International choreographic programs in Europe, OpenFlr in Florence, Italy in July 2017.

Zoe will be teaching kids Jazz, Hip-Hop and modern dance at Danzstage.  Parents are also welcome to invite her to give a fun Jazz/ Hip-Hop lesson in the children’s party at our studio.