Wedding Dance

Apart from Latin dance classes, Danzstage is also offering dance choreography for wedding ceremony and your BIG DAY! Our wedding dance planner and choreographer, Georgette is an experienced instructor of creating choreography for couples in their big day and partner show dances. She appreciates the beauty and elegance and latin dance and has been performing around the Globe for quite some time.

Wedding Dance by Danzstage

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Always looking for some joyful activities with your best friends and lover?

We do offer COUPLE DANCE and BIRTHDAY DANCE classes! Dancing is a great way to stay close with friends and family, create interaction with each others, to let dancing become one of your favorite hobbies to do and brighten up your life.

Brand New Multipurpose Pass

Danzstage is happy to release a Multipurpose Studio Pass! With $5000, one can enjoy big discount in all our services, including block studio rental, general floor rental for lessons and practice, group classes and parties!

How Does This Work?

For Dance Practice Pass:
$80/3 HRS
(originally $120/3HRS)

For Dance Lesson Pass:
(originally $1000/10 lessons or $1800/20 lessons)


Please call 31620037 for Ms. Christina Chong to learn more about this exciting promotion!!!

Multipurpose card is designed exclusively for prestigious usage and we will serve and entertain the card owner only.

Expiration : 9 months



(原價$ 120 / 3小時)

(1000港幣/10節課 或 1800港幣/20節課)




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